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(This turned out to be far more introspective and intense than I intended.  Writing is always an interesting barometer for where one’s heads is at). 

  1. Finn is now at the age I was when my parents divorced. From that point on, my sister I more or less raised ourselves.
  2. I started working in restaurants when I was 13 because I needed money for basic stuff - clothes, food, etc..  I continued to work in the food biz - putting myself through college - until I was 25 when my hands started giving out.
  3. From running my own catering business, I started organizing fundraising events and campaigns. I discovered I had a mind set for data systems (which are at the core of fundraising activities) and have been building and managing them ever since.
  4. Even though I got my MBA to do something different from being a data geek, now 7 years since I graduated, I’m finally ready to do that something different.  I just don’t know what it is.
  5. I lost my virginity that same year I got my first job.
  6. Since then, most my intimate relationships (not as though there were any before that) have been a shit-show…not because of sex though.
  7. Only in this last year have I been able to really drill down and begin figuring out my shit with intimate relationships. Therapy is friggin’ brilliant (with a good therapist that is).
  8. Not to get all touchy-feely (but come on, lets face it…I’m that guy), coming to understand (and really feel) that forgiveness isn’t something you give to others, but something you give to yourself has been the single biggest life lesson I’ve had this year.
  9. As a result of all this, I have entered a phase of my life (albeit a very “me phase”) where I am being much more selective/decisive about who and what occupies my life. Believe or not, this blog has been a key part of that process.
  10. 2012 (the year I turn 40) is all about alignment - getting those disjointed facets of my life (work and relationships) aligned with who I want to become/where I want to go. So far…so good.
  1. lazydad said: 2012 is all about alignment! At least that’s what Chinese people say. Something about a dragon. And water. And going with the flow.
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